Wednesday, Mar. 22, 2017

Q2 Newsletter

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This article originally appeared in the Adotas newsletter

Marketing to “millennials” — the generation born after 1980 and the first generation to grow up with the Internet — has its unique challenges. Unlike their parents,...


This article orginally appeared in MediaPost's Marketing Daily Commentary.


While the auto industry is consistently among the biggest advertisers in nearly every medium, it is also one of the most sophisticated, investing additional dollars...

The result of optimizing against brand lift metrics produce some eye popping results

A version of this article first appeared on Mediapost's Video Insider.


Video advertising would appear to be a powerful brand-building tool. But it is also an expensive tool and advertisers need proof video advertising is driving the desired...

To maximize online video's value, marketers will need to go beyond views and clicks

Two-thirds of UK marketers plan to increase their online video spend, but to get the maximum value out of it, marketers will need to go beyond measuring views and clicks.

Real-time data is key to understanding how the campaign is performing and to...

Research from Collective suggests CTR and Brand ROI are inversely related

Jeremy Stanley, vice president of analytics at Collective, believes that marketers should stop using CTR to measure performance of their campaigns. "In fact, they should stop tracking CTR altogether," he stressed. "We believe that the CTR is not...

65% of respondents to a BrightRoll survey plan to reallocate campaign dollars from TV to Online Video

At a recent Streaming Media East panel, agencies and brand advertisers revealed that they are continuing to shift TV dollars into online. The practice seems to be most prominent in the CPG industry, who is increasing their online investment in...

Integrated advertising could be the future, but we need to figure out how to measure it first

What is the future of digital? Recently, the answer to that has been "Multi-platform integration". In that the future of digital advertising will be go beyond digital, seamlessly transitioning from print to TV to digital and back again. 


Flixster was able to show a 68.6% lift in consumers' intent to see a film

This article originally appeared in MediaPost's Marketing Daily newsletter


When people discuss "building brands," they are usually thinking about a long-term process, that for a new product involves shifting the consumer through the various...

30% of Ad Execs Say Online Video Ads are More Effective than TV Ads

Video ad network BrightRoll released their annual agency survey, in which they found that six in ten ad agency executives say online video ads are more effective than (30%) or as effective as (31%) television ads. 


Soley relying on CTR could be a big gamble

People don’t wake up in the morning with a yearning to “engage,” or “click” the way we’d like them to.  They want to be entertained and informed in an environment where an errant mouseover doesn’t...

Media buyers should ditch TV for online video

Bob Dees, senior vice president of strategy for video ad marketplace SpotXchange, makes the case for TV buyers to invest more in online video in an article for iMedia Connection.

He argues that the simplicity of buying TV and the...

Marketers and agencies expect to spend 17% of their total online display advertising budget on digital video in the next 12 months

A recent survey conducted by the IAB shows that 69% of marketers and 55% of agencies plan to increase their online video spend, with a 22% growth predicted in the next 12 months. The results of the survey, entitled "An Inside Look at...


Leading industry trade groups the IAB, ANA, and the 4A's, have joined together to launch a major initiative to develop standard online metrics and cross platform measurement soltuions, with the goal of enhancing marketing and media management...

Projected US Major Media Ad Spending

Online ad spend is growing, but is being outpaced by its offline TV counterpart. The majority of ad dollars are still going to TV, and digital's increased spending won't be at the expense of television, or at least not any time soon. eMarketer...

The industry is finally waking up to the fact that clicks are overrated

Display advertisers may be too obsessed with clickthrough rates, to the detrmiment of their campaign. The industry has produced numerous reports on the ineffectivenss of the clickthrough rate as an indicator of online brand performance....


Clicks are an overrated metric, and this case study from Rocket Fuel is another nail in CTR's coffin.

Rocket Fuel's VP of analytics and client services notes that clickthrough rates are notoriously low, with the industry average hovering around...


Is the clickthrough rate relevant to brand advertisers? According to HP, no. 

At the recent Advertising Research Foundation's Re:think 2011 show, HP researchers Sibel Satiroglu and Suzanne Leighton presented results from their...

The Modern Media Agency: It's Not Just About Television Anymore

Media agency IDG teamed up with Mashable to produce an infographic showing what's new and what's out of style for the modern media agency.

So what's in and what's out? Metrics are in. Digital media is definitely in. Recession cutbacks are...